Lucien Renaud

R&D Engineer

Category: Electronics


Extra small personal ARM NAS server. This is a RaspberryPi Compute Module 4 carrier board based on a Marvell ship to connect 4×2.5" SATA Drives from the PCIe bus. Gigabit Ethernet port USB-C power supply Front panel OLED screen 4×2.5" Sata Drive Soft RAID Carrier board: <img src=“” height = 400> <img src=“” height = […]

DJI Gimbal FOC

The aim of this project is to be able to use the 3-axis DJI gimbal with a custom open source controller like SimpleFOC. This high quality gimbal is very tiny and easy to find as a replacement part which makes it very suitable for DIY projects. Pinout identification The Gimbal is composed of a flex […]


Android-Auto retrofit for Volvo RTI using a Raspberry pi and crankshaft Satus: Not working because of the too low resolution of the original screen.

Description of my PCB Assembly workflow

BOM Management The BOM (Bill Of Material) is a file that regroups all the components information (quantity, manufacturer part number, etc) It is important to do is at the same time the schematics is done, the more late it is done the more tedious it is to do. The more components you have the more […]

Robotics Archaeology Exploration

As part of the Scanpyramids project, INRIA is working on finding solutions for minimally invasive exploration technique of the great pyramids of Egypt.

The suggested idea is to drill a hole of 2,5 inch (38mm) diameter and deploy robots to explore the new recently discovered cavities.

My work is to design and manufacture from scratch robots that can deploy threw this hole sensors, such as cameras, lidars, flying robots etc

Emergency Drug Filling System

This project was made in 2016 for my final internship in the NHS Tayside Hospital, in order to get my Industrial engineering degree from INSA in France and my MSc in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Dundee in Scotland. Download Poster Download Full Report Background Every year, 5 000 babies are born at Ninewells […]

HDD Persistent Vision Clock This project was made in 2013, I was around 19. My methods and material where quite primitive at that time… How it works The spinning disk of the drive is cut with number shape from 0 to 9 and one separator. To avoid vibration and noise, an extra hole is present to preserve the […]

Aeronautics Security Equipment (TCVL) Interface

This project was for my 3-month internship in 2013 to validate my DUT (bachelor’s degree equivalent in Electronics and Industrial Computing) of the Univerversity Paul Sabatier in Toulouse.  Full Report Background Because of the transition from analog aeronautics ground-ground voice communication to VoIP technology. New equipment was deployed to control advanced antenna radio base (TCVL). […]