Lucien Renaud

R&D Engineer

Category: Personal project


Extra small personal ARM NAS server. This is a RaspberryPi Compute Module 4 carrier board based on a Marvell ship to connect 4×2.5" SATA Drives from the PCIe bus. Gigabit Ethernet port USB-C power supply Front panel OLED screen 4×2.5" Sata Drive Soft RAID Carrier board: <img src=“” height = 400> <img src=“” height = […]


Android-Auto retrofit for Volvo RTI using a Raspberry pi and crankshaft Satus: Not working because of the too low resolution of the original screen.

HDD Persistent Vision Clock This project was made in 2013, I was around 19. My methods and material where quite primitive at that time… How it works The spinning disk of the drive is cut with number shape from 0 to 9 and one separator. To avoid vibration and noise, an extra hole is present to preserve the […]

Homemade 3 Axis CNC

In 2012, I had the idea and the motivation to build a CNC machine by finding randomly a website that sells 3 axis CNC made of wood. id-conception It is where I took inspiration for my design. This was probably my first big project. The base The main structure is made of wood, the axis […]