Lucien Renaud

R&D Engineer

PCB Milling Workflow

In-house PCB milling can be a very good alternative than ordering PCB from a foreign supplier. Especially when a short time is required for trying a prototype.

Here is the workflow I follow and the main tools I use to achieve PCB.

Gcode preparation

From the electronic CAD software, it is necessary to generate the Gerber file of the layers and the holes. I’m using the very good opensource Kicad as electronic CAD software.

Once the Gerber files generated, we need to import it into a CAM software that will generate the paths of the CNC machine, the Gcode. I’m using CopperCAM for that purpose. 

In that part, many parameters need to be filled, machine speeds, offsets with the traces, cutting depth, tools number (engraving, drill bits,  etc.)

Kicad PCB layout

Machine Setup

All the tools need to be set in the magazine.

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